Every summer we hear about someone getting bitten or attacked by a shark as they were basking in the clear waters of Florida. I think our fascination with sharks is that we might be the alpha predator on land but when it comes to the ocean there is always that possibility that a shark might take a bite out of you. I think this is what allows things like Shark Week and movies like Jaws to be so successful. It’s that mystery and excitement that there is still something in the wild that could potentially eat me if I go swimming. Watching Shark Week is fun because every year they learn a little more about sharks and every year they have a show that depicts the stories of survivors who were attacked by sharks. I think the fascination of the shark tube is that it takes some of the mystery away from the shark and we can see how it moves through the water and what its doing instead of just a fin or darks spot in the water.

In the summer of 1975 Steven Spielberg used this fear of sharks and being attacked by unknown predators in the ocean in one of the first blockbusters Jaws. In the movie people are attacked by a giant great white shark that shouldn’t be so big and aggressive. After the shark eats a few people they find the best shark hunter in the business and go out and hunt the shark down.

With better video editing software people are more and more making prank shark attack videos that go viral with millions of views. Earlier this year a man with a Gopro camera shot a video of himself jumping off a cliff into some murky water and then being attacked by a shark. The video turned out to be a fake but not before it received millions of views on Youtube. So I think it’s the fascination of an unknown predator in the water and wild that keeps us so interested in sharks because you’re not completely safe even swimming in the shallow waters of Florida.