Brian Lindsey

Self Introduction

My wife Rochelle and I


*Physical Education and Health Degree-Lindsey Wilson College

*Masters of Education-IUS

*Pursuing Rank I in Computer Ed. and Educational Leadership-IUS


I currently teach at Engelhard Elementary in Louisville, Ky. I have the title of Practical Living teacher, which means I teach, Health, PE, Consumerism, and Career studies.  This will be my 10th year of teaching at the same school.  I have my own classroom and a Multipurpose room for a gym.  Next to the computer lab, I must say I'm loaded with technology to use in my classroom.  

Professional Development

*Health Promotion Conference

*Safe Crisis Management Training

*TPGES Training

I will be presenting a PD to the staff next month over Physical education in the classroom.

Every year I attend KAPHERD which is the big Physical Education and Health conference held in Ky.  

My Philosophy of Teaching

My philosophy is that every student needs to learn how to read, write, do arithmetic, living a healthy lifestyle, enjoy physical activity and having choices.  I also believe students should be responsible for their behavior and work.  Students shouldn't have to sit in their chairs all day long, I'm a firm believer there should be Brain breaks/activity breaks throughout the lesson.  These breaks are beneficial for students to get them moving, which helps the ADD/ADHD students out, because we all know having them to sit for a long period of time spells disaster.  Giving students choices in how students can complete their assignments allows them to take ownership of their work, but the rate of students completing their work is very high, because they have a choice.  

My Classroom

Here is a snippet of what work looks like in my class, its called a dinner menu.  I teach for 10-15 minutes, we do a short activity break which lasts 3 minutes, work on the menu until class is just about over, and then another break before leaving.

In the Gym

We do a 4 part lesson in the gym, in which it keeps the students at all times with a goal in mind to keep kids active on a moderate to vigorous level for 90% of the time.  

The Daily Routine:

Warmup with a Dance

Fitness challenge

Activity #1


Bike Saftey Program

Favorite Tools



Teacher Kit




I'm not going to lie, communication with my parents are slim unless there is an event going on.  I don't get may phone calls, emails, letter or notes.  I do send home flyers if there is an event that I am putting on and I utilize the newsletter.

A little something extra about me

Our two oldest 4 and 1
Our new addition 1 wk old
Qualified for 2015 Boston marathon

Final Thoughts

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