Journal #1

I am Joseph Smith  and I am 30 years old. I grew up in Chicago , Illinois. I live in a house. Before I joined the army, I was working at construction. I was not happy about leaving home because I was going to miss my family and I wasn't going see them anymore . I am fighting on the North (union) side because I want to be in the army and I don’t want slavery. I am private because i just joined the army. My family includes my wife, Melissa, one daughter named Martha who is 6 years old and one soon  named Joseph Junior who is 8 years old. My wife was scared because she didn't like that I was fighting and she didn't want me to get hurt or killed. She thought that I never had time for them and she didn't want me to leave my kids.

Journal #2

Sammy:Boy! my breadbasket hurts.

Jocelin: Must of been the sheet iron crackers

Sammy: Yeah all of the Fresh fish are having a lot of quick step

Jocelin: Well that's a hunky dory...Well i'm running out of hornets for my pepper box

Sammy: i might skedaddle to see a sawbones

Jocelin: Well...i'm going to go and grab a root

Sammy: Alright i'll see you around possum

Journal #3

Dear my brother Victor, The camp I am at is located is somewhere in Virginia. We Sleep in tents and it’s uncomfortable. we have to go to the bathroom outside because we had no bathrooms.We sleep outside with no bathrooms we have a small place where we get our food and we sleep in tents.In the morning, we normally Drill After we drill, At night, we Drill. But when we have free time we play cards. When soldiers break the rules, Soldiers have to sit down and grab their hands and they but a stick between their legs. Where we live it’s kinda hard because we don’t have that much room to eat and sleep and we have to go to the bathroom outside cause we have no bathrooms and we have a small place where we get our food. This is how our camp life is.

Journal #4

Jeremiah, when you chose to Go to the army
what caused you to make that choice? I choose to be in the army because he cold fought for the army

Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or
happy about?

One thing that I am proud that i fought the country

Interview question 3
Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different?

I wish I had stay with my mom because I'm her only family and she needs help from me.

Jeremiah, __________________________________________________?
Ask a question that makes Jeremiah talk about one of the issues brought
up at the end of the story you chose to create.

Journal #5

Did your life change when you joined the army?

Yes my life change when I joined the army because

Hey, soldier there’s an endless fight to re-discover.

Hey, union , know the families sweet but smoke is thicker.

Oh, if the troops fall come down, for you

There’s nothing in this world we wouldn't do.

Hey, soldier, do you still believe in one another?

Hey, confederacy, do you still believe in winning I wonder?

Oh, if the sky comes falling down, for you

There’s nothing in this world we wouldn't do.

Ah, what if I'm far from home?

Oh,soldier ,will l hear you call.

What if can't get up?

Hey, soldier I will help you out!

Oh, if the troops start falling down, on you

There’s nothing in this world we wouldn't do.

Hey, soldier, there’s an endless fight to re-discover.

Hey, confederacy, do you still believe in war iI wonder?

hey what if its to late ? oh please help me put oh

but if the war burns down on you theirs

nothing in the war I wouldn't do for you.

Ah, but what if I'm close to death?

Oh,soldier, I will hear you cry

What if I cant save you

Oh, I will surly die

well that when I would say

good bye old possum it

was a pleasure serving you

Journal # 6

Dear Victor,

We do not always have free time. When we do have time, I like to play cards and one of my favorite food at camp was the hardtack ingredients 2 cups flour, ½ to ¾ cup water, salt (5-6 pinches) mixing bowl, rolling pin, cookie sheet. I pass good by playing music and playing cards with friends that’s how i pass a good time at camp. I sleep in tents because we don’t have space to sleep. One food I miss was the hardtack because that was one of the good food that i ate and their were some foods that made people sick from the ingredients that it had.

Journal # 7

Robert, Hit by a cannon and broke his leg, Had to amputate his leg.  Bob,Got shoot in the  arm and started to bleed a lot, Had to cut of his arm.

Journal #8

Dear mom, I feel exited to come back home because I haven't seen you in really long time since I left you. I’m excited we won the war. I think it’s going to be hard because they were fighting and the south are not happy cause they just gave up. I feel happy because now I get to see my family. It would be more be more happy and nice cause I would be with them in celebrations and parties spend more time with them. Love Victor.

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