The Life And Travels Of Marco Polo – A Simple Factsheet To Summarize His Extraordinary Life

There are many things about the ancient explorers that stand to fascinate us. Many great people have led amazing lives in which we too can find inspiration. But only few have been able to achieve such glory that their name and work becomes the motivation behind several other greats of the world! The one name that tops that list happens to be Marco Polo.

The man went on an expedition that no one ever dared to try – exploring the east and figuring out what their culture was all about. His wits and never say die attitude took him across continents and state into the palace of the emperor of China. And even the kind was charmed by the personality that was Marco Polo.

There are many facts that people wish to know about his life and you too should spare some time and understand what makes this man so great. Here is a basic factsheet of the life and travels of Marco Polo.

• Born in 1254, Marco was only six when his father and uncle left for their first trade travels to the east. They returned by the time young Marco was fifteen and his mother had passed away. This incident brought him under the direct care of his father, who decided to take Marco on one of his journeys. It was these turn of events that kick-started the adventurous life of Marco Polo.

• The journey was planned in the year 1271 and Marco’s father and uncle both decided to accompany the lad on his first ever adventures. This journey would prove to be a learning experience like no other for him.

• We are used to paper money now, but Marco couldn't believe it when he first saw it in the east. Gold and silver coins were used in Marco's land, and the paper seemed so worthless.

• The travels of Marco Polo also brought up his first encounter with coal. He later described them in his famous book as “stones that burn like logs”. The preferred fuel of his land used to be wood at the time.

• When Marco Polo arrived in China, he was immediately taken into the inner circle of the emperor Kublai Khan, who found him to be extremely impressive, witty, charming and smart. In fact, the emperor even entrusted Marco with many diplomatic missions that he had to carry out on behalf of the kingdom.

• The Khan liked Marco so much that he wouldn't let him leave, but when the khan got to be 70, Marco began to get nervous that he wouldn't get to take all his money if he didn't leave before the khan died. It was only after several requests that Marco Polo was allowed to return to his homeland.

• He recorded almost every aspect of his journey in fascinating detail in his book “The travels of Marco Polo” which went on to become the bestseller of its time.

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