Florida State University

                                         Vires, artes, mores which translates into strength skill character

                              mascot is Osceola and Renegade


Osceola and Renegade:Before the kickoff of each home game, Osceola rides downfield on an Appaloosa horse named Renegade and plants a flaming spear at midfield. The tradition began on September. 16, 1978 against Oklahoma State when a student led the team from the tunnel riding a horse.

campus history and origin

FSU began back in 1851 . Florida's university is composed of 16 independent colleges. In 2014 the student enrollment was a total of 40,695. The undergraduate population is 32,171. The graduate population is 8524. One fun fact about FSU is that they created the anti-cancer drug Taxol.In its athletic history the have been successful. The football program has gone a long way with three  national championships, eighteen conference titles and six division title. They have also produced Heisman trophy winner Jameis Winston in 2013 and 1st round  pick in the NFL draft.

Fight song

admission requirements

percents of applicants admitted: 57%

test scores- 25th / 75th percentile

  • Writing - 21 on the ACT English and ACT E/W or 500 on the SAT writing
  • Math - 21 on the ACT math or 500 on the SAT math
  • Reading - 22 on the ACT reading or 500 on the SAT critical reading

tuition and costs

degree plan criminology

  • CCJ 2020 (3) Introduction to Criminal Justice
    POS 2001 (3) Introduction to Political Science
    PSY 2012 (3) General Psychology
    SYG 1000 (3) Introductory SociologyCCJ 2020 (3) Introduction to Criminal Justice (may be taken at a community college)
    CCJ 3011 (3) Criminology
    CCJ 4700 (3) Introduction to Research Methods

recommendation letter

To whom it may concern,

Victor Diaz is a good candidate for the Federal Bureau Investigation because he is highly intelligent and shows great leadership.He graduated from florida state university and he was top ten in his class.He can show a lot of integrity,and can bring his team together.Victor has always talked about being in the FBI since he was a little boy.

Mr. Diaz fits perfectly for this position that he is applying for.Since he is highly intelligent he can figure out crimes more often.Plus he has been loyal and has never betrayed someone before.I have known him for eight years and he hasn’t let me down,he would be intersted about crimes throughout our city.When he was a kid He would say that when he gets older,he would stop crime from happening.

Victor has a will in him to make sure crimes would be solved,and will do anything to solve them.He is greatly qualified for this job and would be a major impact for the Federal Bureau Investigation team.If you would like to know more information,contact me at (915-123-4567)

Gabriel Avila

El Paso TX 79938



cover letter

To whom it may concern

I'm enlisting for the federal bureau investigation at Chicago,Illinois.

As i’m currently pursuing a master's degree in criminology. The two courses that i'm currently are Criminal Justice and Public Policy and Public and Private Security these would be the last two courses that i need to have my masters degree in criminology. These two courses show me not to violate the security in society and the background behind it. The other course shows me the consequences and lets you examine recent crimes. The position that i'm applying for requires a great leader and I think i could be your perfect candidate for it. Throughout the years I've been able to show great leadership and been able to work well with others.

Thank you for your time.

Victor Diaz

12342 narnia

El paso Tx, 79936

915 -123-4567



Victor Diaz

Career Objectives

My career objective is to be part of the federal bureau investigation.

Education History

Aug. 2018 - Dec. 2020

Florida state university
panama city, Florida

» At this university i was top ten percent in my graduating class. Also i was in part of Student council and many clubs that helped my experience on criminology.

Work Experience

Mar. 2016 - Apr. 2019

police department
el paso, Texas

» This job has helped my leadership skills and it has also improved me to work well with others.

Volunteer Experience

Jan. 2016 - July 2019

florida, Florida

» Every week at this university I helped either produce money for the needy. Or collect and lead food drives or clothes drive in the harsh winter.

Apr. 2014 - May 2014

st mark
el paso, Texas

» helping to funraise.

Awards & Certificates

» a honor roll (Jan. 2020)
» perfect attendance (Jan. 2020)
» njhs (May 2013)

Extracurricular Activities

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), Fundraising, Football

Hobbies & Interests

» Fundraising
» Football

Skills & Abilities

» Able to multitask
» Committed
» Good communicator
» Team player
» Spanish

Additional Information

I have my degree on criminology which is a masters and a minor on Spanish which helps me communicate with more and more people.


Im the best candidate for Florida state university because I keep on persisting on what i want and never stop striving for it. If their was any bumps on the way there I will do anything to overcome it and keep on pushing to become a better person.

As a human being you learn from bad experiences and become a better person. As one of my own personal experiences I learned so much from it. It happened when i was 8 years old playing soccer. This day was special because it was a playoff game to win a tournament. As the game kept going. The score was 2-2 we needed a goal to go all the way to the championship. All of my teammates were ready to give up and let them win. But in the contrary i was determined to win so I did everything to lift there spirits up and take the win home.

In fact from that day i kept helping people doing their very best and not quit what they started. I will persisting till my dreams and goals are in my hands. Nothing will stop me from getting it. I can be a great person in your campus . Bringing positive vibes to my other fellow peers and helping them.

In the end I Feel like i could be a great addition to your campus. No one else has the determination i have on reaching things no one else can.

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