Leo Messi

Leo Messi was born on June,24,1987. At Rosario,Argentina.
He is a amazing soccer player and he is the best.
His First time on the field was 2005. He scored his very first goal. At first, he was a sub that sits on a bench and then later he got on the field. Messi got to be starter on the next game. After that he got chosen to be starter and captain for the team. Leo Messi created 101 shoes. Leo Messi plays for two teams. They are Barcelona and his nation team is Argentina. In 2000-2004 Messi was the youngest person on the team to score 21 goals in the seasons.
In 2003, Messi was playing for both of his teams in that seasons. He played for Argentina for the FIFA World Cup in 2014. Argentina is a great team. In the FIFA World Cup Argentina beat Netherlands,Switzerland,Nigara,Bosiana,Iran,Begluim,and they also,got in the finals so, they played against Germany. the score was 1-0. They went to overtime. As you can see, Leo Messi is a great Soccer player!

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