1984 Reading Log
Tommy Butler

Reading Log #1

Summary-  In the first two chapters of 1984, we discover a lot about the setting of the book. It takes place in 1984 and the government is a tyrannical, overbearing machine that has made everyone conform to their ideals. No one can even think what the government doesn't want them to. Winston is the main character, and in the first couple of chapters he attends a thing called Two Minute Hate, where they all get up and start screaming at a guy displayed on the screen- Goldstein, a man who is a rebel. Winston also had an encounter with his neighbor, and it is shown that even the children are government confored monsters. Winston also starts a diary where he writes about stuff. He writes about how he hates Big Brotheand ow even just having the notebook could kill him.

Quote- "thoughtcrime does not entail death; thoughtcrime IS death."

Discussion Questions: what exactly is Newspeak?

Is this way of life that the government has forced upon them supposed to reduce crime or what? Like what is the purpose of the overbearing government?

Learning Station #4

The chorus shows how the characters in 1984 are always on display, always being watched by the thought police. The camera is always on them and every sound that they make is heard. Lights camera, "transaction" the transaction they are talking about could be the output and input of information from the monitors. The other verses also talk about the oppression of the always watching government.

Reading Log #2

Winston has both literal and figurative dreams in 1884 so far. Winston's dreams are NOCTURNAL. He often RUMINATES about the overbearing over ment that QUELLS individual thought and reason. A simple PLATITUDE could be considered thoughtcrime, and Winston dreams of a day when this is no longer true. Winston also -literally- dreams about his mother and younger sister. He feels COMPUNCTION for their disappearance. Winston also dreams of a meadow that is so realistic it's almost TANGIBLE.

Reading Log #3

Discussion questions:

How does the Party's control over the past affect the present?

What are some symbols of Winston's Dreams of being free from the oppression of Big Brother?

How could revealing the truth about the past help take down the party?

Paragraph response: how does the Party's control over the past affect the present?

The party controls the past by falsifying documents and telling fake stories. They make it seem like the party has been around for a lot longer and make it seem like the people need the Party to survive. The Party can make the people believe anything they want, as shown in the quote, "the Party would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it." Because the people have no official record to show otherwise, they believe anything the party says.

Reading log #4

Winston and Julia's relationship will not end well. They are attracted to each other in a strictly physical sense. They share almost none of the same ideals and ideas for the future, even though they both disagree with the rule of Big Brother. Their relationship symbolizes the rebellion against Big Brother, but it will not end well. Since they have never made a meaningful connection with each other, one will probably be quick to turn on the other if they are scrutinized by the Thought Police.

Slogan Activity

The Party slogan "Ignorance is Strength" is the Party's way of telling the people of Oceania to believe everything that the Party says, to take everything that they say as fact. The Party doesn't want anyone to contradict them, and this slogan that they engrain into every aspect of the party members lives helps to suppress the urge to understand what's going on around them. This poster illustrates how the citizen's are purposefully made ignorant by the Party. They are blind folded from what the world is really like.

Reading Log #5

"Of all the horrors in the world– a rat!" Chapter 4

“The rocket bombs which fell daily on London were probably fired by the Government of Oceania itself, ‘just to keep people frightened’” Chapter 5

“The conspiracy that he had dreamed of did exist, and he had reached the outer edges of it.” Chapter 6

“He turned and fled down the stairs, with the chocolate growing sticky in his hand.” Chapter 7

“I think it is fitting that we should begin by drinking a health. To our Leader: To Emmanuel Goldstein.” Chapter 8

Summary of "Little Brother is Watching"

This article discusses the monitoring of people and the invasion of people's privacy in today's time. The article compares the Big Brother figure from 1984 to numerous Little Brothers in today's society. Anyone and Everyone is being watched and monitored by individual groups and independent organizations, and the article states that in some ways this is worse than the monitoring Big Brother does. The article talks about how The government has a reason to watch the citizens- to prevent crime and rebellions- and the characters in 1984 KNOW that they are being watched, so they keep themselves private and do not do anything the government would not condone.  The Little Brothers in today's society are secretly watching without its subjects knowing. Everything that we do is watched and can be used to direct our actions and purchases, but we never know exactly when we are being watched. The article also talks about the benefit of a Little Brother society. It can lead to fame and fortune (I.e. Alex from target, girl shimmying on Wii) and can catch people committing crimes. In 1984, Big Brother is watching, but in our society, countless Little Brothers are monitoring us.

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