cameron roach

in session 1 i desisighned a soap box roacer with the desighn cadd soft ware. ones i printed it out i cut and folded it together taped it and gave it to pair of weeles to role on.

session 2

in session 2 i looked at a triangular prism. after a while i copied the front view side view and top view of the prim. when i was done i had 4 total views of the triangular prism

session 3

in session 3 i looked at a rectangular prism. after a while i copied the front view side view and top view of the prism . when i was done i had a total of 4 veiws.


in session 4 I learned about alphabet lines and what the are used for. I also learned about what the mean and do. these lines are used to help desighneers show difrent parts of a house.


in session 5 I started desighning my house. I learned about the importance of a floor plan and what it was for. i built a staderd house that had a kitchen, 2 bedrooms, closets, living room, garage, and 2 bathrooms.


in session 6 i continued with my floor plan. i worked on the thickness of the walls. i also put in all the doors, along with the lights. i also did a walk through of what to house would look like.

session 7

in session 7 i finished up my house. the remaining steps i had to do was put in the fans, electricity and the plumbing. when i was done i did a complete walk through with all the textures and painting.

career for this.

a career that would go along with this portal would be architecture. this would be because the architect uses these thing all the time. he designs the house and then prints it of to give to his construction workers. then the workers get to put the house together. 

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