All About Me

My name is Nicole Schock and I am eleven years old.  I have one brother and one puppy.

Lasagna is my favorite food. That's why I decided to put this picture. The lasagna I like the most is the one my grandma makes.

This is my dog's breed. She is an Australian cattle dog. My dog's name is Fiera. We named her that because when she was born, she looked as if she was going to bite you right away.

This is a creme brulee. It is my favorite dessert because I love how the creme feels in your mouth when you eat it. I love creme brulee!

This is also one of my favorite desserts. It is a chocolate volcano. This video is really useful and easy to follow the steps. I hope you enjoy baking this dessert.

This is another video of how to cook a lasagna. I hope you enjoy making this delicious meal.

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