Rhinoplasty – Facts and Truths Behind The Treatment And The Procedure

Rhinoplasty is used to bring the nose into harmony with the face to enhance overall appearance. It can include correcting anything from a hump on the bridge of the nose and a bulbous tip to the overall width of the nose or the nostrils, themselves. It is a relatively safe procedure with minimal risks involved, and will help you get rid of any nose deformities that you may have. There are however, some facts that you must understand about Rhinoplasty so that you are well prepared for what the procedure entails. This article will prove to be a guide to help understand the treatment and the post-op care that it involves.

  • It is not always possible to estimate the aesthetic results of a Rhinoplasty procedure before a patient is actually operated on. After the surgery, nasal bones may dislodge, and cartilage and soft tissue shape may change over time. This will eventually create a difference in what your nose will look like after the procedure.
  • One of the most important post-op precautions recommended by surgeons is protecting the nose from any kind of trauma. This applied pressure may cause adverse effects on the results of the procedure as well as put the patient through immeasurable pain.
  • In some rare cases, results may not develop as the patient had hoped and asymmetry is possible. In this case, a secondary (revision) Rhinoplasty procedure may be needed to refine the results achieved with the original Rhinoplasty surgery.
  • One of the most basic jobs on part of the patient will be to find an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon who will eventually be performing the surgery and providing consult. Trusting an expert doctor for Rhinoplasty will minimise 90% of the risks involved and problems that might occur as a result of this procedure.
  • There are also many questions that you should ask your doctor before you agree to have the procedure performed on you. Your expectations from the procedure, your eligibility and physical capability to bear the treatment, the recovery time involved, post-op care and eventually the actual effect that this surgery will have on your lifestyle are all aspects to look into.
  • Most importantly, you must take time to understand the procedure very carefully. Have a detailed discussion with them about what the procedure entails along with the pre and post operation care and precautions that you will need to take. You must also make sure that you follow every recommendation and precaution prescribed by the doctor to the letter. This will help minimise many risks associated with the surgery.

Finding the right surgeon for Rhinoplasty might seem to be hard, considering the specialized nature of this procedure. However there are many resources that can point you in the right direction, the internet being one of the most prominent search tools at your disposal. Make sure you use it to your maximum benefit. You can also visit MikoPlasticSurgery.com - the best clinic for Rhinoplasty in California.

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