The Creative Opinions of Psymon Walkaplayer

Live the life you want to live, not the one others expect you to live.

-Psymon Walkaplayer

Hello there! My name is Psymon Walkaplayer. As you may already know, Psymon is not my real name. I just thought of the name while in the shower and singing “Born to be a Winner” from Pokemon. This is actually a bit of a habit of mine- grabbing thoughts from random places. A brilliant but at the same time embarrassing example would be how I learned the word “naught” from my Marvel underwear. Poor Thor, stuck near…well…near the part where my…you know…is at?

But anyway, it’s quite nice to finally have a place to write down my thoughts. I wonder what girls diaries are like. I imagine them being covered with things like One Direction, Justin Bieber and unicorns and stuff like that. By the way, can you like train a unicorn to roast marshmallows for you by bowing its head over a fire or something? That would be cool.

I guess it would be cooler if it was like a Triceratops or something. That’s like twice the marshmallows! Man I love dinosaurs. This reminds me of the time I stayed up all night to memorize like fifty dinosaur names. I started to make that a nightly ritual. Last I checked, I was up to one hundred something? Impressive? Not really, there are like ten thousand known species. No joke look it up!

Life Ain't Boring. People Just Forget How to Have Fun

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