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No I’ll Let John Oliver Say It

I Was as an Entrepreneur Masquerading as an Employee #50

John Oliver, HBO’s newest funny man will have you in stitches! If the name sounds familiar, yes it’s that John Oliver from the Daily Show with Jon Steward.

John William Oliver is a British political satirist, writer, producer, television host, actor, voice actor, media critic, and stand-up comedian. Nothing is off limits for this extremely funny guy.

I’m eagerly waiting his return February 8th to see what he and his brilliant writing staff has in store for us.

I’m not here to talk about his impressive and outstanding resume of wake the hell up America and get your act together world brand of comedy; I’m here to highlight two of my favorites of the Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

How Does a Payday Loan Work?

Initial payday loan: The borrower writes a post-dated check for the payday loan amount plus any fees. For example, to borrow $500 for two weeks, the borrower writes a $575 check.

The loan rollover: The borrower assumes they will have enough money in their bank account in two weeks to pay off the payday loan. However, 90% of our profit is generated from borrowers who are not able to pay off the loan and are forced into a debt trap.

The debt trap: The borrower takes out an additional payday loan to pay off the old loan. The average borrower takes out 9 payday loans per year. On a $500 loan with $75 in fees every two weeks, this is $675 in profit at a lucrative 390% APR.

Is your debt trap sticky enough? The PLA white paper enhancing Your Debt Trap demonstrates how to balance the borrower's supply of money with your demand for loan fees.

Profit from lack of financial knowledge: PLA members know that 40% of borrowers believe their payday loan rates are less than 30% APR.

There is an actual Predatory Lending Association which you can join. You can join PLA to learn how to comply with the Truth in Lending Act without risking an increase in the financial knowledge of your customers.

Very Troubling!

What the heck is wrong with America today? Watch the video below, and you’ll find is very easy to find the answer for that question. Really, where do you think the country will end up if nothing is done to change this reality? This is the same sort of wealth gap presented in many of the world poorest countries, is that where US really wants to be?

Wealth inequality In America

When I was a knee high to grasshopper traditional local news was boring, it was depressing, full of holes so big you could drive a mac truck through it and nothing has changes.

Today it represented by the like of .@FoxNews .@megynkelly .@greta .@glennbeck .@rushlimbaugh and a host of other far, far, far right men and women who take their jobs way to serious for the wrong reason.

News should be about getting it right and if you can’t do that, what are you doing?

I’m a fiscally, responsible, conservative, lefty and I get most of my news from .@msnbc. From sun up to sun down, you will find me watching .@msnbc. From time to time I stray, mostly Friday and Saturday evening! Lock up and caught on camera are not my cup of tea!

Weekday’s .@waytooearly .@Morning_Joe .@dailyrundown .@mitchellreports .@RonanDaily. @TheReidReport. @thecyclemsnbc .@NowWithAlex .@PoliticsNation.@edshow. @allinwithchris .@maddow .@TheLastWord

Weekend’s .@upwithsteve.@MHPshow.@AlexWitt and on Sundays they even add .@meetthepress.

I wouldn’t be a true supporter of .@msnbc if I didn’t mention the great supporting cast who comes to the rescue when the regular reports are on assignment or holiday. .@craigmelvin .@donlemon .@dorianwarren .@CapehartJand .@MichaelEDyson! I know I’m forgetting a few young ladies who report the early morning and weekend news duties and I truly apologize.

.@msnbc what happen to .@msnbcDisrupt with .@finneyk? I was a true disruptor! I still am! Shhhhh!

Before I started watching .@msnbc, I was a .@FoxNews viewer for years; however I found the spin started here and kept spinning and spinning. They were neither fair nor balance!

.@CNBC, I appreciate what you bring to the table for the business world. A great line up of very talented and noteworthy programs and reporters. .@CNBC .@CNBCClosingBell .@CNBCnow .@SquawkCNBC .@BeckyQuick .@JoeSquawk .@andrewrsorkin .@TheProfitCNBC .@CNBCPrimeTV

A new channel which has catches my eye from time to time is .@ajam .@AJConsiderThis .@AJStream .@AmericaTonight .@TalktoAlJazeera .@AJENews .@AJTechKnow very powerful stuff. Keep up the great work.


.@AliVelshi what happen to the power team of you and.@ChristineRomans? It was a joy watching you both, it made business news fun!

Can’t forget about the talented and so charming .@jjramberg host of MSNBC's weekend business program Your Business, which airs Sunday mornings!

You all have an individual quality which keeps me tuning in; that’s what I like about the lineups I mentioned. You have set the example for serious news reporting. Thank you so much! However I’m sure if you have the chance to be on .@RealTimers with .@billmaher you would jump at the chance. Love you Bill!

Still wanting on an invite to the panel!

Not here to talk about you serious and very likable news personalities. I’m here to give some love, props and shoot out to John Oliver for keeping the news fun, light, tolerable, real and truly gut busting entertaining.

I noticed John on The Daily Show with Jon Steward, which he did short supporting roles and took the chair in Jon’s absence producing a film. Jon, John did a fantastic job! Now look at him all grown up, wearing big boy pants and hosting his own show.

You go boy!

So, if you’re tired of the daily routine of local news which could leave you empty and lost, check out MSNBC for serious, fair and informative news.

For a spice and slice of upbeat, real news conversation, with some gut busting humor, get your head out the sand and hit up Jon Steward .@DailyShowJon or Mr. Politically Incorrect the realest, not in the bubble .@RealTimers .@billmaher and now the newest funny man to hit the HBO bring it to you straight news reporting. Drum roll please, get off your feet and give it up for John Oliver. You rock bro!

I got tired of hearing the system is broken and decided to do something about it.

The word FEEL in The FEEL Center Project LLC & Financial Fitness Gym is an acronym.

F- Financial: You must have a great relationship with you finances.

E- Education: This is the foundation to which opportunities can grow.

E- Employment: Where you gain experience and knowledge to be a leader. It should not be a chore!

L- Legal: There will come a time in everyone's life where you will need proper legal representation.

The FEEL Center Project LLC & Financial Fitness Gym is a new start up financial education resource facility establish in January 2014. We lend a hand to the working poor and middle class if all ethnic groups to gain access and leverage to vital resources through financial education and financial literacy.

Our focus is to correct the wrongdoings of the Credit and Lending Industry, the Junk Debt Buyers and Debt Collection Industry and the major three (Equifax, Trans-Union and Experian) which have preyed on the working poor, middle class of all ethnic groups, with their gestapo tactics and predatory practices. These industries have and are manipulating the courts system and have deprived citizens of the basics to provide a decent standard of living.

Our mission is to keep the cost affordable and information accessible using the latest technology to educate, solve financial concerns; provide long term solutions for our clients and break the cycle of income inequality through financial education and financial literacy.

Short term solutions don’t work; they only make matters worse, leaving consumers with little to no options, but to reach out to predatory institutions like Payday Loans, Auto Title Loans, Payday Advances, Junk Debt Buyers, Debt Collection Agencies, Debt Consolidation Companies and the major three reporting agencies which have and are making billions preying on the hard working citizens of the country.

For the next week until 01/15/15 I have a great offer which I started during the holidays. 60% off my two hour groups sessions of no more than ten clients per session. Each two hour group session will allow you access to your critical profile data which may have error, outdated information and inaccuracies which may have caused harm, preventing you and yours from access to vital necessary resources.

I offer 100% money back guarantee and the initial consultation is free! Don’t like the results, ask for your money back. It’s not about me; it’s about you and getting positive results.

Financial education and financial literacy is not a want, it’s a necessary, and a most going forward. 2015 is the year of the employee, the working poor and middle class of all ethnic groups.

I’ve gone through the process, so I speak from experience, it work!

So, take advantage of this great offer before it expires using the link provided The Feel Center Project LLC & Financial Fitness Gym or contact me at PH: 805-428-9424

I bet my right arm, you, someone you know or someone they know is experiencing some form of financial discomfort and are seeking long term solutions. 60% of the population or 190 million citizens in this country, in some form or another are feeling financial discomfort. Don’t you think it’s time someone gave solution instead of founding solutions to financial freedom and security?


I’m living my dream; sharing my passion for financial education and wellness with restoring faith to those who need guidance related to personal and business financial matters. The FEEL Center Project LLC & Financial Fitness Gym is here to aid citizens in combating the complexities of the monetary and financial structure.

What kind of future do you want?