Boring Insects

Morgan Weisgerber

  • Common Families: Cerambycid Beetles, Buprestid Beetles, Scolytid Beetles, Clear-Winged Moths, Saw Flies
  • Some Species: Dogwood borers, Elm borers, bark beetles, black twig beetles, longhorn borers, round-headed borers, metallic wood beetles, flat-headed beetles

Example- Clear-winged Moth. The wings are transparent, they are brightly colored and are active during the day. There are 115 species of this insect in North America.

Damage boring insects will cause:

  • Attack the trunk, stems, bark and buds of trees.
  • Some bore into the wood
  • Some bore under the bark
  • Some attack the wood near ground level
  • Some species go after healthy trees, and some go after trees under stressed conditions

Damage done by Pine Bark beetles

How to control pest:

  • Preventing them is the best method of control- Keep trees and other woody plants healthy
  • Insecticide

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