Advice and Gratitude

I am grateful for~~~~~~~

* Parents who work had to support me in school.

* My mom who took care of me since birth, cooked, loved me unconditionally and gave me life.

* Father who never says I'm tired and buys me everything I need.

* Sisters and brother who spoil me, gives me anything I need and love me for who I am.

* My grandmother, who took care of me for 11 years, cooked for me without complaining and took care of me as her daughter.

* I am grateful for my friends here and in Ethiopia, who supported me thought hardships and for being my friend.    

* I am happy to have both Ethiopian and Oromo food. Pizza and Chipotle, Curry.

* I'm also grateful for my teachers who have supported me through my school year. Especially Mr. Skinner, Ms. Hutch, and Ms. Peterson.



My advice is that you should try to stay positive because if you are positve you can come over the hardship or sadness. Another advice is that you should focus on now. Ask for help, if not try to see past the hardships and what it would be like afterwards. Don't give easily, try harder and if your sad talk to family or friends and see if they can help, if not try it your self.

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3 years ago

Lovely gratitude list, Razeqa! You need the advice portion, too. Let me know when you've finished, please.