BY: Adamaris Molina

A  Pediatric nurse is a nurse who take care of babies/children through the ages of 0-17, but some *Pediatric nurse may also take care of patients from ages 21 year old*. As a Pediatric nurse they also do what is called "Conducting Physical" what this does is they do what is a physical check-up like the ones you may get as becoming an Athlete, or you yearly check-up.Take care of kids

Equipment required the most for a Pediatric nurse would be here. As a pediatric nurse your basic tools are your hands, your ears and eyes. Also on the other equipment's required are "stethoscope to listen to a child’s lungs, heart and abdomen, the sphygmomanometer to check a child’s blood pressure and a thermometer to obtain their temperature.

Pediatric Nursing Certification Board (PNCB).

Responsibility- Take care of children or patients, Being Talkative, nice etc. Also Knowing what to do in case of emergency's

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