By: Bailey Peters
9th Grade

English is one of my best classes, I enjoy it because we write our own stories on Thursdays and have free reading time on Fridays. In this portfolio I will share with you three of my best writings and how I have grown from the 1st semester, until now.


I included The Most Dangerous Game Sequel in my portfolio because it was a fun story to write a sequel to. I could put a lot of gory and bloody exciting details into the story.

What I thought I did best in this story was writing it like he was in a dream and convincing the reader that none of this actually happened, only for them to find out later that it was all real.

The Most Dangerous Game Sequel

            Rainsford immediately fell into a deep sleep, and began dreaming that he was… running through the island, with General Zaroff in close pursuit. He could hear the dogs behind him, barking aggressively and growling in between every breath. General Zaroff carried a small gun in his hand and was trying to keep up with the mangy mutts. They trees were flying by Rainsford as he ran as fast as he ever has before. It was getting harder and harder to catch his breath, and his lungs were burning.                                           After running for what felt like hours, General Zaroff had finally caught up to Rainsford. He was cornered between two big boulders; there was nowhere he could go. He stood, waiting to feel the pain of the bullet though his heart. Just then, Ivan attacked General Zaroff to keep him from shooting Rainsford. That’s when Rainsford attacked the general and stabbed him with the knife he was given by the General when they started the game for the first time. Once the general was finally dead from bleeding to death, Ivan explained to Rainsford that he was tired of always being controlled to do something and was waiting for his chance to kill. This felt like the perfect opportunity to do so. Ivan and Rainsford carried the general’s body back to his house and fed him to the dogs.                                                                                                                                   As the animals were feasting on Zaroff’s body, Rainsford woke up! He got out of bed and walked to the door to go and find the General. Ivan approached him outside the doorway congratulating him…Rainsford was confused. That’s when Ivan told him that he was so thankful that they had finally escaped the General’s reign by escaping his bloodthirsty dogs and eventually killing him. That was when Rainsford realized that it wasn’t a dream.


I included Mom's Diary in my portfolio because I like writing from another character's point of view. I was able to write as if I was the mom and that was fun to do.

What I think I did best in this story was write it as if i was actually the mother. I really tried to make it dramatic, just like how the mom was in the actual story.

Mom's Diary

       All I wanted was for her to be famous, for her to be able to live her life like a queen, to have all the money she could ever need, and to be able to live the life I never had. My hope was for her to become the next Shirley Temple. She would sing and dance and bring joy to everyone that watched her. She would make millions from doing that, enough to support her family in the future and help me and her father out as well. Since we moved here, we haven’t been able to find many jobs that would take us in as their employees. Life in America was harder then I thought it would be and we were realizing that just now. Ni Kan didn’t know how hard it was back in China, she had no idea what hard work was. Maybe that’s why when I demanded her to do piano lessons she was mad, she didn’t try, and it was obvious she didn’t. The sound that came from the piano when she was playing was disgraceful and made me embarrassed just to have people know that she was my daughter. I hated that she was lazy, didn’t care, and didn’t try. All I wanted was for her to not have the life I did, and for her to not make the same mistakes I did. What a lazy, no good girl.

           She had no respect for me. She was to obey me, and what I said, not back talk me and mock me. It was hard raising a growing girl that was moody. If I had treated my own mother like she treats me I would have been betrayed. I tried to be calm and reasonable with her but she talked back to me every time. I wanted her to be the person I knew she could be. Ni Kan was a smart, beautiful, and happy girl before I started pushing her so hard. I regret being so strict but she needed someone to whip her into shape when she got moody. When she reminded me of my two children that had died in China, I couldn’t take it anymore, I was done, and I didn’t care anymore. If she was going to treat me like that I didn’t want anything to do with her. She was still my daughter but I no longer showed compassion. I gave her the piano in hopes that she would do something with her life. I know that if she just TRIED she could do whatever she wanted to do.


I included The Accident into my portfolio because this was my favorite story to write. I like writing scary or creepy stories because you can do or say anything you want. It was cool making all this up in my head and seeing appear on my computer almost exactly how I pictured it.

My strength in this piece is writing details about what happened and making it intense and exciting.

The Accident

        There were sirens all around me, flooding my ears like gnats swarming around my head. My eyesight was a blur, looking as if fog was everywhere. People were screaming…everywhere, I knew something had happened but I didn’t know what. I couldn’t think straight, with people running all around me, police on one side of me, an ambulance on the other. I was lying trapped in the middle of all of this chaos and I don’t think anyone noticed me.

           The last thing I remember was “him.” He was sitting there watching me intensely, moving with my every move, like looking in the mirror. When I got up, he got up, I should of done something about it, screamed maybe, but I didn’t. As I left the restaurant, I saw his shadow behind me. I started walking faster and then quickly picked up the pace until I was running. He was chasing me. With my heart pumping faster with every step, I tripped on the sidewalk. Laying there with blood dripping down my knee he caught up to me. Pulling me off of the ground roughly, he picked me up and threw me into the trunk of the car that was parked on the road beside the side walk.

       We had been driving for hours now…I had no idea where I was, no cell phone, or anything to use to defend myself. As he pulled to the side of the road and got out, he opened the trunk, allowing me to see the knife he had holding in his hand. He dragged me out by my hair, pulling me onto the cold gravel.

       He stabbed me 4 times in the gut, killing me. He buried me 4 feet away from the place I was killed. Kicking up the gravel to cover up the bloodstains. There was nothing gentle about him; he threw me in the grave he had dug, and quickly covered me with the dirt and gravel.

        That’s what led the police here. Bystanders saw him take me away and they called the police, they showed up searching for my body and the man. They never found me lying in the cold hard ground, some of them even walked over me, not realizing that I was there. They found him though; he got a life sentence in jail. But for me, I will forever be “gone” and no one will ever really know what happened or where I am.


In Conclusion

           This portfolio shows you my growth and how I've become a better writer over the last semesters. I have gotten better at being more creative in my writings. My favorite story is The Accident because I was able to come up with a sick and twisted story which can sometimes be fun to write. I struggled some with grammar but as we continue to do MUG Shots, I think that will get better through out the year. I struggled writing The Most Dangerous Game Sequel because it was hard remembering what tense it was in, making it flow and make sense. The Most Dangerous Game was my favorite story to read because it was intense and exciting. My goal for the rest of the year is to focus on my spelling and grammar.

The End