By: Sophia Johnson

Vanilla is from Mexico from the Totanco native american tribe. Vanilla was used for spices and sweets. Queen Ellizabeth declared that vanilla could be a flavoring by itself. Vanilla could be a spice or toasted bread, biscuits, or tea.

Vanilla is in the milk group in the food pyramid. Vanilla has no fat or saturated fat. A good serving for the size is 1 table spoon or 13 grams. Vanilla also contains a lot of healthy minerals and vitamins. Some of the vitamins are called niacin.

Vanilla is inhabited in Mexico in the Mazantlan Valley on the Gulf of Mexico near the present day of Veracrus. Veracrus is one of the 31 states.

Some interesting facts about vanilla is that it could be in a form of a bean or in pods. Vanilla also had many uses to it instead of making them into food such as pastries,custards, or even in vanilla coco cola and more. You could use vanilla for a scent such as perfume, or even to make you happy, and to cure some illnesses.

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