Top Ten Difference Between FFA and Charly

1) In the movie, Charly tried to rape Ms. Kinnian with his lips.

2) In the movie, Charly and Ms. Kinnian went crazy in the woods.

3) In the movie,  Charly wasgetting chased by his old stupid self.

4) In the movie, Charly did drugs.

5) He didn't freak out on everybody for the waiter dropping glass, in the movie.

6) In the movie, Charly was on LSD.

7) Charly was in a biker gang, in the movie.

8) Charly was doing an awkward dance, in the movie

9) Went crazy with an another women in the biker gang

10) Charly and Ms. Kinnian was talking about being married in the movie.

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