India's Capital is New Delhi. The leader's name is Narendra Modi who is the Prime Minister of India. The population is 1.05 billion people(that's a lot of people!).The economy right now is mixed with free market and a little bit of communism that and the government owns some businesses it others are able to make their own businesses if they wasn't and don't need permission. The government of India currently is federal republic which means they have a prime minister that is  elected currency in India is Indian Rupee. The country's GDP per Capita:$24,000. The country's GDP rank in the world:$2.6 billion and the literacy rate is 15+. Life Expectacy is 63 years For both male and female minimum and can go above. The languages are Hindi, and English but those are the most common though but 10 other languages. 3 tourist attractions: India Gate is called all India War Wall on the eastern side of India. Lotus Temple is a house of Worship completed in 1986 and Agra Fort is actually a walled city and is about 2.5km of it's famous sister mountain. 3 historical events that happened in India is 1.)Christianity was introduced to India in 1500. 2.)Queen Victoria was given the title empress in India by the Brittish parliament in 1876)3.)On April the 13th was the Amritsar massacre.  The current event is that education and so is the literacy rate, and last over population.

I feel that my country is doing well because of increasing education.

Royal Dutch Shell is one companythat originated in India and is also an international oil company.

One thing that we can do as a country can do is help increase their education.

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