Abraham Lincoln

:Abraham Lincoln

:April 14, 1865 Abraham was shot at Ford's Theatre in Washington, D.C.

:1)He practiced law without a degree. Lincoln had about 18 months of formal schooling.

2)He wanted women to have the vote in 1836.

3)He didn’t drink, smoke, or chew. Lincoln was a simple man of tastes, and he never drank in the White House.

4)He didn’t have a middle name. Lincoln went through his life with two names.

5)His dog was named Fido.

:February 12, 1809 -- Spring 1811-Sinking Spring Farm

Spring 1811 -- December 1816-Knob Creek Farm

December 1816 -- March 1, 1830-Pigeon Creek Farm

March 14, 1830 -- March 1, 1831-Lincoln Trail Homestead

July 1831 -- April 15, 1837-New Salem

April 15, 1837 - February 11, 1861-Springfield

February 23, 1861 - April 14, 1865-Washington, DC

:April 14, 1865,Ford's Theatre in Washington, D.C, Shot in the head.

:He was the first President to get shot and not the last. It made us feel unsafe and no sure about the future.

:John Wilkes Booth

:Gunshot Wound.

:1)He was a Actor at the Theatre.

2)He shot Abraham during a play.

3)John Wilkes Booth was his father’s favorite child (out of 10 children).

4)John Wilkes Booth was almost 27 years old when he shot President Lincoln.

5)John Wilkes Booth portrayed the villain in the play Abraham was watching.

:No he had other people with him.

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