"Dont define me, I define myself"

Hi, my name is Jose I stared my dance business called NO DEFINITION I choreograph dances for parties, wedding, or event. I also teach and perform I'm very fair on prices becuase i love what i do keep in mine its still a business but i think with my heart not with my pocket. Not only do I teach or perform dance but I also give back, and what I mean by that is my goal is to not only teach dance but to help build your confidents and come out of the shadows. I want to help those who feel like they can't dance but love to dance and wont and give them a place were they can be comfortable and not feel judged that's why I have a saying "don't define me, I define myself" I'm not here to judge you or tell you that your not a good dancer,no! The truth is anyone can dance it just takes motivation, heart, and a course practice, so if danceing your thing and you want to learn, get better, or even if you just want to dance call me up and  I promise that I won't judge or make you feel any less confident because I want to teach and show you how great of a dancer you already are!

Jose Acosta

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