The Cuber

"Just charge it all"

The Cuber is a wireless charger for your phone tablet or other device. It has a charging radius of 3 ft. The Cuber has a detachable cord, after your charge you can unplug the cord and charge your device up to 48 hours.

The Cuber is expected to sell 300 cubers a day for the calender year. Each Cuber will start at $50 at the following stores: Walmart, Target,and other stores. We expect to make 5 million in our first year! Our team are seeking 75,000 to start and we will give 15% of equity to the investors.


There are more than one person running the business so you have help and it's not just you. The extra person can give you ideas on what to do.


You might disagree with the person and it might end up splitting the company.

The cyber is revolutionary technology that helps you charge your device on the go or wherever you are. The idea behind The Cuber is that not everyone can charge their phone on the go and sometimes you are fighting for a plug to charge your phone.

Target Audience

Our target audience is anybody with a smart phone and/or tablet


Accounts Receivable

Owners Equity

Cash in Bank

Computer Equipment

-Owners Equity-

Jabin Mora Withdrawals

Jabin Mora Capital


Accounts Payable, Office Depot


Service fees






1. Jabin Mora invested 75,000 cash in the business

2. Paid 500 rent for the month Check 101

3. Purchased office equipment on account for 1,700 on account from Office Depot

4. Received 50 dollars for one Cuber box

5. Jabin Mora withdrew $200 for personal use, Check 101

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