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This book is about a girl named Cath and her twin sister Wren. They both cherish the Simon Snow book series. Cath has created a fan fiction webpage where she writes stories about Simon Snow and the adventures he has. But she puts her little twist on the stories she writes, by making them her own. Now both sisters are starting college, and Cath doesn't want to let go of her fandom.  Wren has told Cath she doesn't want to be roommates. Cath feels abandoned, and she's completely on her own. Cath is pushed way beyond her comfort zone. She gets to know her roommate Reagan, Reagan's boyfriend Levi and a cute guy from her fiction writing class. She gets to battle a whole new length of obstacles. Cath also learns a thing or two from her new friends and experiences. But can she really leave her Simon Snow fandom behind? Will she be able to live her life without Wren holding her hand? Cath soon learns that she can't live in her Simon Snow world forever.

Why I Liked This Book

I liked this book because I felt like I could relate to Cath a lot. Cath is very shy, doesn't like to open up to most people, and she has anxiety over the dumbest things imaginable. I know exactly what it's like to have those feelings. Also, Cath doesn't like to go out often and she would much rather stay in her room on her computer, which is what I always do. I also like how when your reading the book, you can see how the characters develop by the experiences they have. You can really see the changes each of the main characters go through. For example, how Cath finally realizes she didn't need Wren to be by her side 24/7. She was able to live her own life and face whatever challenges life brings her.

Passages from Fangirl

Cath imagined herself at her laptop. She tried to put into words how it felt, what happened when it was good, when it was working, when the words were coming out of her before she knew what they were, bubbling up from her chest, like rhyming, like rapping, like jump roping, she thought, jumping just before the rope hits your ankles.

"To share something true," another girl said. Another pair of Ray Bans.

Cath shook her head.

"Why do we write fiction?" Professor Piper asked.

Cath looked down at her notebook.

To disappear.


"You've been living here for over a month."

"I know."

"And you haven't found the dining hall?"

"I haven't actually looked."

"Why haven't you asked someone? You could have asked me."

Cath rolled her eyes and looked at Reagan. "Do you really want me asking you stupid questions?"

"If they're about food, water, air, or shelter---yes. Jesus, Cath, I'm your roommate."

"Okay," Cath said, turning back to her book, "so noted."

"So, do you want to know where the dining hall is?"

"No that's okay."

"You can't keep living off diet bars. You're running out."

"I'm not running out..."

Reagan sighed. "Levi might have eaten a few."

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