Learning Log- Digital Tech
Liezel B-7D

Learning Log- Digital Tech
Liezel B-7D

This photo that i took has no unusual point of view.

I put a little bit of a blurry to show the unusual point of view and put a little bit of an effect.

This photo has no filled the frame.

I put a little bit of an effect to make it brighter and I put a animal print fame to make it look good.

code.org a bit difficult but try your best. ;)
teamwork would be better when your doing it with your friends than working by yourself.
We've been using dropbox so we can save our files

On scratch I made a Naruto in the ocean version, but it's not finish yet because i'm still trying to make it good.

This is my learning log in tackk we've been doing this so we can to save our work.
We've been screen capturing the stuff that we have been learning about then after we take a screen capture we upload it to our learning log
We are making a key chain on tinkercad then we are going to print it to the makerbot printer
we are doing a pivot animation of NARUTO ^_^
we are making a chair from sketch up

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hi it is skye cool😂 😂 😱 😱 😴 😴 😎 😱