Civil War Journal

Thomas Fitzgerald

Who am I?

     My name is Thomas Fitzgerald. I used to live in Kansas, but my family was split up when the fighting started. I am thirteen years old, and live by myself as a drummer boy in the 51st Brigade of Pennsylvania. I don't know if my father or mother are alive, but I do know that my brother is on the confederate soldier, out to kill me... I will fill you in on more later...

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Photo Prompt: Color

I love seeing forests in their bloom, especially right after a rainstorm, where drops of water rest on the

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Soldier 1: Hey, you seen that fresh fish Thomas Fitzgerald.

Soldier 2: Yeah, we cozy as a bug... he's got greenbacks!

Soldier 1: Oh yeah? Well let's see how he handles when the hornets buzz!

Soldier 2: *Sigh*

Soldier 1: Ha! I want to see him skedaddle!

Soldier 2: Well, some buggers be comin'. Let's go!

Letter to someone at home

Dear Gerald Fitzgerald,

I know you will see my name on this letter and throw it away, and I know you hate me for no reason, but I still have decided to write to you. My life is hard, even though some others' are harder... I have to cook, and prepare all the food for my company. The drills and marches are tiring, with a 10 pound drum for miles. Sleep is the only way to relax... how about you?

From, Thomas Fitzgerald

Your message...

Photo prompt: Morning

I wake up and stretch out my body... it hurts. But, I now have to wake up and do more drills... I take in the beautiful scenery, because later, it won't look so nice.

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Interview with Jeremiah Handley

Interviewer: Thomas Fitzgerald

Interview question 1
Jeremiah, when you chose to go join the Union forces, what caused you to make that choice?

Jeremiah: Well, I had experienced slavery for a long time and I knews it was cruel, but I didn't think they were humans too! Once I realized the evil ma' family was doin', I decided to join up with the Union forces to abolish slavery!

Interview question 2
Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or
happy about?

Jeremiah: Well, I was very proud about my's decision to stay with my ma. I would have never been able to live with myself after knowin' I had left my poor mother to die! I love me brother, but I hates him for abandoning my mother and I, leaving us poor and helpless... but I helped my ma

Interview question 3

Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different?

Jeremiah: Wells, I wished every day that me brother would come back, but he never did. I hoped that he would realize his wrongs himself, but I never did intervene. I should have tried to tell him... but I didn't.

Interview question 4 (Look back at the italicized section at your "ending")
Jeremiah, how do the hungry troops treat southern farms?

Jeremiah: The troops would take the crops of the south! Of course we did, it was wartime, and we would need food. We would try not to make the families starve, but after all, it was the south's fault…

Photo prompt: Fun

I enjoy playing baseball with people around me.

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What I do for fun:

     I prefer playing ball games, including baseball and catch. I don't have much money, so I can't gamble or play cards... life is dull. All our balls are broken, and now there is no recreation.

Favorite food: A good Asian meal


Hot Maggot Paste: Red pepper, Maggots, Beetle juice, 1 bullet's worth of gunpowder, smash ingredients together.

Fried lice: Pour Beetle juice and pig lard in pan, then add weevil oil. Add Lice, fry until light brown. Serve with Hot Maggot Paste.

Crispy Hardtack Pita: Grind up hardtack, bugs and all, then add water. Fold into thin circles with about a 3 inch radius, then coat with ditch water. Roll in dried beetle shells, then fry in lard.

Furry Curry: Add mice or any other dead rodent. Pour lots of ditch water into a pan and add the diced mice. Put in Desiccated vegetable cakes and heaps of Hot Maggot Paste. Serve on Fried Lice.

Desserticated Vegetables: Add Desiccated vegetables, Hot Maggot Paste, and water. Smash together. Whip into a light, fluffy topping. Take more Desiccated vegetables, and grind with hardtack and fry in Beetle juice and coat with crispy shells. Add whipped mixture created before.

Favorite Song:

I am a not Union soldier,

I have a family,

But if freedom calls me,

A soldier I shall be.

A soldier, a soldier

I fight for freedom’s reign

A soldier, a soldier,

We will win our campaign.

I fight to end all slavery;

To win the victory,

Lost are my friends to injury,

Lost to history.

A soldier, a soldier

I fight for freedom’s reign

A soldier, a soldier,

We will win our campaign.

Though time may fade

After endless raid against strong blockade

Those lives were laid for our Brigade,

Be not dismayed, we will persuade

Those who strayed, to end slave trade.

Unafraid, no masquerade

No foreign aid, no false trade

The fate of the oppressed

On us doth rest

Photo prompt: My brigade in battle, the 51st Brigade of Pennsylvania, being overrun by Confederate soldiers.

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Medical Issues:

     Disease has been spreading through camp like a wildfire. Within my first month, I have already been infected with malaria, smallpox, and measles. Coming in completely healthy, I managed to not get fatally ill... but others were not as lucky. Over 100 people have died since I arrived a month ago, more than three a day. We have one doctor for our company, but he doesn't do much. He is lazy, takes bribes, and doesn't follow through with proper medical procedures! Being taught from my mother, I help the wounded around me with bandaging and cleaning wounds. But it is tiring work….

Home Sweet Home:

     This is a picture of my house… it isn't very pretty. In the series of battles in Kansas, my house was one of the first ones to burn. My slave-owning neighbors hated my abolitionist parents and burned our house without warning. Our family being missionaries of sorts, the slave-owning revolutionaries wanted us out first. So, I have no home.

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Coming Home?

     I have no idea where to go. My house destroyed, and my parents somewhere else in the country, I have no place to go. I think I will go to Philadelphia and hope to meet family, but being a strong 16 year old, I hope to find work. Perhaps a family will adopt me….

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