Three NYC Men Accused of Planning to Wage Jihad for ISIS are arrested.

Article by: Pete Williams and Jonathan Dienst


Abdurasul Juraboev, 19, Uzbek Citizen

Akhor Saidakhmetov, 19, Kazakhstan Citizen

Abror Habibov, 30, Uzbek Citizen

When- Arrested on March 26, 2015

Where- Brooklyn, New York


Abdurasul and Akhor planned on going to Turkey then Syria to help with Jihad. Abror planned on paying for the flight. Akhor was arrested at the JFK airport when trying to board a plane to Istanbul, Turkey. All three guys were charged with attempt and conspiracy, all three face up to 15 years in prison. In August Abdurasul got the attention of law enforcement when he posted on a pro-ISIS page. When Abdurasul posted on this page, he said that if ISIS wanted him to kill President Obama, he would. He also stated that he would plant a bomb on Coney Island. Abdurasul also showed that he would shoot the FBI and police officers if he could not join ISIS in Syria. Akhor and Abdurasul are legal residents of the United States. Abror overstayed a visa (endorsement on a passport), he runs kiosks in a couple states, these kiosks sell kitchen ware and repair phones.


You know that there are people in the United States that are becoming affiliated with ISIS. You also know that ISIS is another terrorist group that's starting.

Issue- The issue of this article would be the amount of years these three men are facing. I don't think it's long enough, well it's not long enough if they're not convicted of any other felonies. If not convicted they're only facing up to 15 years. Honestly, when they get out I think they'll try to go back to Syria, or attempt to find another terrorist group to join.

By: Haley Bryant

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