Daedalus was one of the smartest people in his time. He was a brilliant inventor in his time. Daedalus was not the best of friends with King Minos, he made the King angry and had to leave. Daedalus and his son Icarus made wax wings to leave the island (because he was a brilliant inventor). Daedalus warned his son not to fly too high so the sun would not burn and melt his wings. Icarus ignored his fathers commands, the sun melted his wings and he fell from the sky. He fell into the sea and drowned. Then, Daedalus flew to crete and built a temple in dedication of his son.


Listening to people who are older than you could impact the way you live. Don't take everything for granted, be thankful.


Daedalus has  few connections with the modern world. One of these is Daedalus Education. This is because Daedalus was know for his brilliance.

Song about Icarus, "Borne on wings of steel". Icarus had wings and could fly everywhere.

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