Judith Salazar College Project


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Letter of intent

Arizona university

Tucson, AZ 85721

I would like to study at the University of Arizona is to study medicine because  when I start seeing over and over that people was suffering of different types of diseases wanted to help people with these problems for me I know how the human body serves I like is that your system of body helps keep you alive the to interact with the people is very important for people who are not caring about themselves like to helping people who do not care about your life or have no idea a lot of things that they don’t know what is happening to them things are going on inside of them which are ways that you can get sick I do to avoid getting sick not grab disease so I want to teach them so they can be healthy. Also it can be because they having depression is because they have problems with their families.

I will study in this university called Arizona another reason because I wanted to help people when I knew what can happen to people who don’t care about themselves because is for medicine I this is a good school for those who want to help people who have problems since I saw as the works human system wanted to know a way as to help people who can sick very easy with so it put his body in danger without realizing how much eat makes your body may have diseases they do not eat fruits or vegetables or when eating more than you should or it may be people don’t not know how prevent certain disease or do not know how they can get the diseases that’s why I will help people who are having trouble and do not know or are not caring about themselves.

Letter of Recommendation

Dear Dr. Diana Natalicio My name is Judith Salazar I will like to recommend Denise like me she wants to go to this university because it offers a lot oh things to help you learn and achieve your goals this school is interesting for me when I find out good things that this university has to help you learn thing that you didn't know before about this school

this is reason I saw my friend wanted to go Denise she told me she did not know before what to study then I told her I wanted to be a doctor to help people with problems with diseases that they had that they don't know what to do to prevent this kind of this diseases they had and they are risk of having this is why I will like to be a doctor since I was little I wanted to be a doctor to help  people that needed help after I learn how this people are suffering and things are  because they cant do anything anything I will like to show them and so they csan take care of themselves frequently every day so they know whaat are dangerous for them to know how can they do to avoid having disease and by living many years so all this people with problems can achiueve their goals and enjoy their life.

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