My sister and I in the colonial life
By:Charlotte Smith

The wind is blowing. It's night time but my sister and I have to wake up. We have do our chores. Our first chore of the day is to churn the butter and then we must help mom cook breakfast. Next we must walk three miles to school. We have to read in cursive and we do times tables. My mom is outside working on the farm so I have to go and babysit my little sister. I need to milk the cow and it is hard work. Now it is dinner time so mom starts to make dinner with me. She cooks meat and vegetables and bakes fresh bread that we made. After we eat we get to read books if we have any candles to make light for reading. We have to go to bed after that and sence it is cold me and my sister share a bed. In the morning we will probly do the same thing all over again.