All rambling has gotta start SOMEWHERE right?

So I've been complaining about my life, where I live and stuff. But I had to write about this particular thing. I warn you, if you don't like it when people waffle, then I advise you to stop reading, cos this is full of waffling:

So I had this friend back in year 3 or 2 (goes waaay back), he was french, just like me. We shared many common interests such as reading and working (believe it or not, we loved working on homework and stuff back then). We weren't the closest of friends, we did hang out now and then, but we weren't best friends or anything (I don't actually clearly remember my days in year 3 and 2 but that's the best I can do). We were at this small school that stopped at year 10 (now it only goes up to year 6) and everyone knew each other there, the 'big kids' (year 5 and onwards) and us would play with each other all the time. We had big dodge ball matches at break, it usually was our class (there were 2 classes in each year) against some year 5 or 6 class. And I admit we often got our asses beaten. So, as I was saying, everyone knew each other back then, and being small kids and all, we were all a big group of friends! Of course, I had my best friends, let's call her Anna, an Italian and Spanish kid and a french girl, let's call her Veronique. Anna had come to the school not speaking a word of English, me and another french girl (not Veronique, she was in the other class) would translate everything she said- and wrote to the teacher. Now that I think of it, there were many, many french kids at that school.
Let's call boy I was talking about until I got off subject Peter. So Peter was a sweet kid. He hanged out with the other french kids sometimes, or played with his friends. But after we left (funny, we all left that school at around the same time: Me and Peter first, then Veronique and last Anna) I kept contact with all these friends by mail. Yes, letters, post and stamps. So we would send each other letters every once in a while, Veronique and Anna went on with their lives after a few months, (I did see Anna again, a summer, but that was many years later and my mother kept contact with Veronique's mother. And I recently found Veronique on some social network) their letters stopped coming after a while. But Pierre never stopped writing, either by E-mail or by hand. He would talk about anything and everything really. But I loved it. My new school hadn't been kind to me, year 4 wasn't THAT horrible, but I didn't make many friends, it was a big change from that cozy little school I'd been in before. And Pierre's letters would warm my little primary kid's heart. Of course, once we got into year 6, the letters got fewer, it became 3 or 4 letters per term. But I was fine with it, as long as he didn't abandon me totally, I would be perfectly fine with it. Then cam the first year of secondary, and all of the emotion shit and stress of finally being a 'big kid'. That's when the letters became so few I started praying he wouldn't forget me entirely. He never did. Until now. I guess, but I'm not there yet. I year 8, shit got bad, I ended up going out but then I realized I was seriously too young for this and that I didnt actually like him. And he didn't really seem to be able to leave me alone after that. But Pierre was still writing his occasional letters. Up until recently, he kept on sending me postcards and merry Christmas cards. But then I don't know what happened. After the summer, as usual, I sent him a letter about all the shit I'd been up to. But I never got a reply. For his birthday, I sent him another letter. no reply. Just like Christmas and New Year. I've been feeling horrible for a while now, and I just got ditched by my 'friends' and I really need him. But I don't know why he won't write back. I've decided I'd go to his house this summer, in Paris. I have his address so it shouldn't be TOO hard. But I'm really nervous (I know summer is in aaages). I haven't seen him in person since year 3. We were small kids back then. I hope that meeting him won't change anything to badly. Well that is if I DO see him again, because there is a low possibility hes moved or hes dead (I seriously hope not) or something. I really miss him. He has become my best, and only great friend through all these years.

Well now THATS done I feel seriously better.

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