We Are Henrico County

By Gavin Traylor & Cameron Leonard

Geographical Info About Henrico

Name of County: Henrico

Seal: Henrico County Flag

Henrico in Square Miles: 245 Square Miles

Population: 306,935

Henrico's Education: Henrico County Public Schools was one of the first counties in the whole nation to have provided each Henrico student their own, personal laptop.

Henrico's Lifestyles: Citizens in Henrico have a majority of things to do such as youth sports, charity events, and etc.

Careers Held By Citizens in Henrico: Capitol One Financial Corp and Bon Secours Richmond Health System are some major businesses in Henrico.

Henrico's Government Structure

*Executive Branch- County Manager- Their job is to serve as the head of the administrative powers and duties.

*Legislative Branch- Board of Supervisors- Their job is to guide the county, to get citizens involved, and to practice open government.

*Judicial Branch- District and Circuit Courts- Take care of situations in their district involving juvenile court.

Henrico County Departments

*Fire Department:

1. Takes out fire

2. Saves lives

*Police Department:

1. Arrest people

2. Protect the eviroment

*Juvenile Detention:

1. Provides counseling

2. Helps the youth

Henrico County Services


1. Keeps children educated

2. Keeps children out of trouble


1. Keeps us updated on the latest Henrico news

2. Keeps us entertained

*Food Safety:

1. Keep people healthy

2. Save lives

Fun Facts About Henrico

How Old Is Henrico?: Henrico is around 380 years old.

Where Does the Name "Henrico" Come From?: The name derivation comes from the “curles” in the James River.

What is Henrico Famous For/Attractions?: Henrico is one of the oldest political subdivisions in Virginia.

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