Why do we need good people in this world.Raul Meneses 5th period

Let's say you were at a drug store and there was a robbery. You and three other people were in that store. And no one was doing anything to prevent the robber from stopping him to rob the store. I feel that it's important to be a good person and try to help out you're  surroundings in being safe. I think that's being a good person and helping out to one another as someone would for you.

People like this are rare in this world and are needed the most. It is important to understand that helping somebody can be a good cause. People don't realize what good can do to this world until it's gone.Doing good can make a change in this world and could impact somebody's life and in a good way. People who help one another get in return something good as well. So don't ever think when you do something great its  just for nothing you're also helping yourself by  doing it for someone else in general.

So don't just stand there and do nothing and help somebody out.