Siyena Libertatem

The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man influences selfishness and doesn't acquire for the common good of the country.


black: strong formality and structure

yellow: joy and happiness throughout the country

blue: loyalty and wisdom

white: purity and simplicity

blue flame: represents the will the country has towards merriment 

Constitution of Siyena Libertatem

The purpose of this country is to provide the citizens with strong leadership. Each and every one of our citizens will be instilled with the education they deserve. The education our country provides teaches our citizens to be strong leaders in the community. Not only do we provide them with strong leadership skills we both teach and encourage our citizens to constantly have strong communication skills with their fellow citizens. This country will do whatever it takes to ensure every resident has the safety and protection they deserve. The authorities will make their decision of accordingly.

The citizens of Siyena Libertatem will show their gratitude and appreciation of all that our country provides. If there is any act of rebellion towards the dystopia the authorities will follow the procedures enforced by the government to provide you with the best decisions for your well being, all citizens are required to follow all laws created by the government. In order to be a citizen of Siyena Libertatem one would have to have been born there.

Article IV:
Top educated and party members as well as government can vote in elections, a single person will be elected to lead the country. The government is strong and will not become corrupt for as long as the citizens of "Siyena Libertatem" help hold it up.

Article V:
The Responsibilities of the government is to handle all outside foreign affairs. The governments main purpose is to maintain the purity and peace of the country, and anything that challenges it will be taken care of by the authorities accordingly.

Article VI:
10 laws that protect the rights of the people:
1.Every fifth day of the week the citizens of Siyena Libertatem will show their gratitude and appreciation towards their country in the Square with the other members of the community.
2.Any act of rebellion will will be dealt with according to the manner in which it is presented.
3.All citizens, no matter their situation, can attend school until their education requirements are complete.
4.Once a citizens education is complete they can obtain a job in their directed field.
5.Citizens may have two children that may be born unto a male and female to ensure proper needs are taken care of to establish a long life.
6.An adult is able to  give birth to a child before the age of 20 and not after the age of 40.
7.Any citizen may present their unlawful case in front of a judge for trial.
8.The government must make the decisions of a minor.
9.Anything that goes against unity towards the dystopia, must be discarded.
10.You must have your safety protocol identification card with you at all times while walking/driving.

Article VII:
We strongly instill education into the citizens of Siyena Libertatem. From the age of 4 the children will begin their schooling up until their 18th year. Once their 18 years has been completed successfully, then they will move on to complete their directed field. They will take a exam testing their knowledge to see where they will be located to provide their community with strong leaders in all fields. All citizens are required to fill out their duties as apart of Siyena Libertatem, if any resident decides they do not wish to pursue their education, we are happily providing cost free, then they are to be escorted as no longer a citizen of Siyena Libertatem.

Article VIII :
A flame is the symbol for our country because it represents the will the country and its citizens will uphold through merriment. The color white stands for purity and simplicity, the black stands for strong formality and structure, the blue represents loyalty and wisdom, and yellow represents the joy and happiness throughout the country.

Article IX:
Maderon is and always will be our leader.

Figurehead: Maderon

The flame of Maderon is blue so we will always show what our country represents. All citizens express their gratitude towards our founder, Maderon. Maderon is always watching over you to protect you and the dignity of this land.


-She is always with you to watch over you.
-She is everywhere at all times.
-Her legacy lives on forever.

The story of Maderon

Maderon was born in 1978 in Manerola, Italy. She grew up with her mother Maribel, and her two brothers Doniel and Alentio. She was the oldest of the bunch and grew up as a leader figure since her father was never around and would travel the seas with intervals of many months. She was very educated and graduated at the top of her class. She came from a rich family, she had to spend her life in darkness and loneliness. When she talked it made everyone feel special as if they were important part of a very meaningful role. She influenced millions of people throughout her life and will continue to for eternity. Everyone knew she was a born leader. Although Maderon might have not seen the leadership in herself, many saw it in her. Maderon always continues to be loyal to her country. She is a proven example of a dedicated leader who will not give up. Everyone one of us should take from
Maderon's story that hard work, dedication, and loyalty will always be the most beneficial to your life here in Siyena Libertatem. The people of Siyena Libertatem see Maderon as their savior that will protect and watch over everyone at all times to protect their well being. Maderon was always the one people went to when they needed assistance. Many people often went to her when they were feeling upset. Our leader cared about those around her and didn't want to see the rest of any community fail if she could help it. One day her greatest mentor with the best knowledge told her that she believed she would do great things in her life and that she knew she would make a difference in this world. This touched Maderon deeply. A year or so later her mentor passed away. This death has never made her want so badly to prove to not only herself but in honor of her mentor that she would do great things with her life to touch others around her. That's how this dystopia was created she built this country to give people the opportunity she was not able to have.


She is always watching over you
She will show you the truth
She is everywhere at all times
She knows no crimes
Her legacy lives on forever
She will be with you in your endeavor


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