Hurricanes are gigantic storms that destroy many cities on the coasts

How hurricanes form

Hurricanes form near but never on the equator. It has to have water at exactly 79 degrees. If water is at that temperature while a storm is going on, then it starts to form. Winds blow at 74 MPH. It gets sucked in by the storm and starts to spin in a circle.

Impacts on human life

When a hurricane hits a town, everyone and everything is in fear. Hurricanes have the power to completely wipe out entire towns and kill thousands of people. It can cause million of dollars worth of damage.

Historical events

In 2005, one of the most powerful hurricanes hit Louisiana, America. Hurricane Katrina a category 5. It caused 1,833 deaths and 125 million dollars worth of damage

In 1938, a category 3 hurricane hit New England,America. The hurricane had no name but it still cost 306 million dollars worth of damage and caused 682 deaths.

How to prepare for it

If you know a hurricane is going on, do these things:

1.Make a first aid kit. If someone gets hurt, you have to help them as quick as you can

2.Listen to radio and television announcements. If something is happening, you want to know what it is

3.Grab a phone. If it still works, maybe you can call for help

4.Grab food and water. This could be going on for days, even weeks.

5.Find a safe place. you don't want the ceiling falling on you

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