5 Misconceptions About Pregnancy

The first world status of Singapore goes with the idea that its citizens experience modern way of living and belief systems. Unfortunately, some traditional ideas are very much ingrained in the mentality of the population. Accordingly, data shows that a number of women still fall victim of popular pregnancy misconceptions. Five of the most cited pregnancy myths are given below.

Massage is harmful. One of the most popular myths about pregnancy is the one pertaining to maternal massages. Most of the elderly in Singapore and in the neighbouring countries are firm to their belief that massages during pregnancy may impair the normal growth and development of the foetus. Fortunately, doctors today attest that massages during pregnancies, if done by trained confinement nanny in singapore or expert maternity care providers, can improve maternal blood circulation and lessen muscle pain experienced by the mother.

Eating for two is required. Uninformed first-time mothers are repeatedly victimized by the misconception that they should eat for two people during their pregnancy. Based on this belief, women are encouraged to double their normal eating patterns. However, doctors disagree with this. They say that pregnant women need only to add 300 calories on top of their daily food intake. More importantly, experts suggest that women must focus on consuming nutritious food which can be prepared for them by trusted confinement nanny sg. Thus, the quality, not the quantity of food intake, is important during pregnancy.

Pregnant women should not dye their hair. Since the advent of hair colouring, many pregnant women are discouraged by the elderly to dye their hair during the nine months of pregnancy. This misconception may have sprung from the fear of the developmental defects that chemical dyes may provide to babies.

Sleeping on the left side must be followed. Some women can be very paranoid when it comes to proper care during pregnancy. Even with respect to sleep positions, women have the affinity to follow common beliefs. An example of this is the misconception that pregnant ladies should always lie on their left side during the entire duration of sleep and even during short naps to ensure proper blood flow and optimize the muscoskeletal conditions to accommodate the growing foetus. Doctors have debunked this myth and they said that as long as a mother feels relaxed with her sleeping style then it is fine.

Intercourse must be avoided. One of the most persisting beliefs about pregnancy is the avoidance of sexual intercourse between the father and the pregnant mother during the first trimester and the last trimester. Many who support this idea believe that the strenuous process of intercourse can harm the baby. However, medical practitioners emphasize that the presence of seven layers of skin from the mother’s abdominal wall to the amniotic sac protecting the baby explains the falsity of this belief.

A pregnant woman certainly needs all the help that she can get. However, women at this life stage must discern the kind of advises that they will follow from concerned citizens. Careful analysis and regular visit to medical experts will protect pregnant women from being affected by the aforementioned myths.