Introducing Kelly Bratcher


Bachelors in Business & Public Administration - University of Louisville
Masters of Arts in Teaching(Business) - University of Louisville
+30 Instructional Technology - Indiana University Southeast

Career Background

Business & Tech Teacher - Floyd Central High School (11 years)
-Web Design, Computer Applications, Advanced Computer Applications, & Business Law
-School Webmaster & sysop
-BYOD Trainer

Adjunct Faculty - Indiana University Southeast (6 Years)
-R505 - Multimedia in Instruction
-W520 - Planning for Technology
-R531 - The Computer in Education
-W540 - Technology Infused Curriculum

Professional Development

-Digipalooza - June23-24
- July 8th & 9th
-Simple K12 (Webinars)

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is based on active learning. My main objective is to help students obtain skills that will allow them to take control of their own learning. I believe if you are actively involved in your own learning you are more apt to hold on to the skills and knowledge acquired. My courses are very interactive and hands on. Students who put more thought and effort into their projects will undoubtedly get more out of them. It is my vision that everyone will be able to take something from this course and use it in his or her classrooms.

I am very excited to introduce everyone to the vast amount of technology resources that we are so lucky to have available to us. It is my goal to make everyone comfortable with the technology and to help you when you need it.

Favorite Tools

Ways I communicate digitally with my students & parents.

  • Google Classroom
  • Class website
  • E-Mail

A Few Personal Tidbits

A daughter born in  2013 and a son born in 2015

Hobby: Horseback riding

PASSION: Technology

I love teaching others about how to best incorporate technology into their classrooms to enhance learning.

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2 years ago

You have a beautiful family!