What is wind?

Wind is caused by the heating of the world and the spinning of the world. Weather makes wind or wind makes weather.

A sea breeze is a breeze blowing toward the land from sea, especially during the day because the air over the land heats up and goes up.

A breeze blowing toward the sea from the land, especially at night, is called a land breeze. This happens because the air over the ocean is warmer and is rising.

A narrow, variable band of very strong, predominantly westerly air currents encircling the globe several miles above the earth. It's 5-7 miles above the earth  . It can be faster than 200 mph. It moves from west to east. In winter jet streams are the strongest.

Global Wind Patterns show where the wind near the equators and poles are going to.

Prevailing Westerlies are the winds in the middle latitudes between 35 and 65 degrees latitude. They tend to blow from the high pressure area in the latitudes towards the poles. These prevailing winds blow from the west to the east.

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