Crete is the largest island in Greece. it is the 5th largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. in Crete there are beautiful beaches, and the civilizations there are very rich. On the west side of Crete, there are mountains and they named it "Chania." Chania is known for their beautiful white mountains  and their national park. They have tourist services and museums etc.  Chania is also the biggest part of Crete.________________________________________________________  Some of the best hotels in Crete include the Elounda beach hotel and villas, Elounda mare hotel and the St. Nicolas bay resort hotel and villas.______________________________________________________

Mythology was a big part of Crete. In a cave where the goddess Rhea made her baby Zeus. there, Zeus was brought up by nymphs when Kourates would strike the shields together so loudly they wouldn't be able to hear Zeus crying.

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