Band Director

By: Grayson Allen

Career Description

The job of a band director is to direct and take charge of a band. The position has some form of involvement with instruments and music.  

Required Skills

Some skills required for this job are history in band or with an instrument, for high school college and some middle schools you will need the ability to construct a drill and also some math for the drill.

Educational Requirements

Some educational requirements needed are a degree in music education, a state licensing, experience with teaching. Some places require a degree in theory. Depending on the position you would like it could take as many as 8 years to as little as 2 years of college for this position.

What to Expect

In this job field with New York being on of the highest payers for band directors you could make about $68,000 or more year. Depending on the location you choose to work in it could be very difficult to find a job. As of 2012 there are about 77,670 positions in this field. This career has a positive out look and is expected to increase in the number of positions available to to the pop ups of band all around the U.S.

Interests in This Field

This career could interest you because the wide variety of sounds and music you will be able to hear and play. There are also many opportunities to travel with your band to new places. You could even possibly have one of the worlds most famous bands and be noticed of how successful you have made your life.

Similar Career Options

Similar career options could be a composer, someone who comes up with their own style of music or creates their own band.

What Interests me

The thing that interests me in this field is the music. I have a love for music and have always hoped to be involved with band my whole life in some way. This career fits me well because i have a background in band and a huge interest in music.

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