Since the forecast was released, the new adventure zone of ESO, Craglorn, is upcoming. Everyone’s been talking, how does Craglorn’s new features work? Today, let us talk about the upcoming content.

  Firstly, Craglorn will work in a similar way how Coldharbour does. Each alliance will go to the same version. The trials can be entered into either by physical gateway or using group finder to form a team. You are allowed to get into it alone, but you will be completely defeated by the monsters you first come across.

  An adventure zone is large. You will encounter other groups all along.

  Secondly, rewards are not only for someone or a group at the very top of the leaderboard. You are able to get rewards weekly if your group at the top of the leaderboard or not. Also there are loot drops and rare equips you can get. Everyone can get the gear they want in Craglorn.

  Thirdly, there is a timer in trials. You should worry about it only if you’re trying to make the leaderboard. Trials can be completed at your group’s own pace. Rewards are also available if you defeat all the challenges no matter how long it takes.

  Depending on each group’s experience and skill level, the trial length will range from 30 minutes to one and half hours.

  Fourthly, the final numbers of resurrections are not worked out. It takes time roughly testing how often you’ll need before done a trial. But at present, 60 resurrections a trial are allowed.

  Fifthly, Celestials are a new concept on the basis of legends of constellations in ESO. You will be excited to discover these lores in Craglorn.


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