Issue Presented in Super-Size Me within today's society.


The documentary presents advertising as an effect of contemporary society. This is because with advertising it is marketing their own product, people do not realise if it is marketed in a good or bad way. For example McDonalds advertising is targeted at young children, as Ronald McDonald is meant to become their friend. McDonalds is addictive and children will always remember the taste due to the signs and simples. The advertising makes it memorable to the young target audience. Advertising is an effective way to make sure your business will succeed. Most companies reply on advertisement. Where ever you go there will always be an area close by with fast food. I believe this is something that should be changed. All the food sold at fast food places, is processed. All it is, is basically fat consumed within your body. Without advertising businesses wouldn’t be very successful, and I understand why McDonalds should be advertised so that people know about their business. There should be new menus as to making food in a healthier way. As shown on Super-Size Me, it teaches the viewers that to consume that much high cholesterol, saturated fat foods it kills the body and organs slowly. If our society doesn’t see the point in change from watching these type of documentaries, then they obviously have watched it. If you want to see the change, you have to make the change. We can’t keep letting our bodies suffer from something we brought upon it. Advertising needs to stop! There should be advertising in telling the viewers the negative effects. You only get one shot in life, make sure you take care of it.

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