Guinea Pigs

By: Rylie

Squeak! Can you guess what I am? I'm tiny, squeak a lot, and part of the rodent family. I'm a guinea pig! My name is Macie, and I'm here to tell you about guinea pig food, the size our cage should be, why you should have 2 or more guinea pigs, and how we exercise.


Us guinea pigs need special caring for. First things first, we have a special food diet. Our food should be pebbles and pebbles ONLY! The fun-shaped, colorful food is bad for us. Salt Wheels are also bad for us. Make sure you give us produce and hay.

Home, Sweet, Home!

Another thing is we have to have a certain size of cage. If our cage is too small for us, it may effect our growth and health. Here are the proper cage sizes.

  • 1 guinea pig- 30"x36" in.
  • 2 guinea pigs- 30"x 50" in.
  • 3 guinea pigs-30"x 62" in.
  • 4 guinea pigs-30"x 76" in.
A good size for a guinea pig cage.

Squeak! Squeak!

Next, we need a friend. Someone to play with. We don't like to be lonely. We are nocturnal. That means we are most active at night. When we have buddies, we talk to each other at night. So I suggest to not put us by your bed.

This is me and my 2 friends Cozi and Lola. Aren't we cute!

Play Time!

Everyday we need to have a large place to run around and exercise. The only thing is we can't have balls, wheels, or Flying Saucers because, when we run in them, they will break our legs. That would be bad! A healthy guinea pig lives around 5-7 years, If we have daily exercise.

I exercise everyday for 30 minutes.

Squeak, I'm tired! All this squeaking has tired me out! So make sure you give us the nutrition we need, enough space, a friend, and time to exercise.