The United States Capitalist Economy

Shazmeena Khattak

Market - Prices of goods and services are determined and exchanges take place. (Local, regional, national, and global)

The picture above is a website called Wanelo. It is store where people can find the newest trends and clothing. This is a national market because people from all around the country can shop from this market.

Economic Freedom - We are allowed to choose what jobs we want, where we want to work, what we want to buy and from where, etc. We are free to do what we want in the economy.

The image above shows several different Starbucks drinks. Since we live in a country that has economic freedom, we are allowed to buy which beverage we want and drink as we please.

Private Property Rights - We are allowed to sell, get rid of, or do anything to our private property as long as it doesn't violate another person's rights

The image above shows a DIY which stands for do it yourself. People are allowed to do this because since it is their private property, they can do whatever they want to it.

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