Autism Awareness

About one in eighty eight children each year are affected by autism. About thirty six thousand out of four million young children born each year, end up having autism. The Autism Spectrum Disorder is a serious thing, and it needs to come to a stop. Autism Awareness is a foundation that was launched nearly quarter of a century ago. Autism Society has also launched a nationwide effort to try and promote Autism Awareness, to try and bring it to an end. Within this foundation, we are trying to bring Autism Spectrum Disorder to an end, therefore, on April 2nd, 2015, Autism Awareness day. On this day, the world will come together with a huge fundraiser and money raising event that goes into Autism. So, what will you do, to raise money for Autism Awareness?

In our local area of Knoxville, Tennessee, there is an Artistic Spectrum, this is a nonprofit organization that is strategically dedicated to finding and funding a variety of creative and recreational activities that are huge opportunities for people in local Knoxville to help raise money for Autism Awareness with people with a disorder of all ages. The Artistic Spectrum located in Knoxville tries to focus on three different branches. One of them being organizing fine workshops to for talents for people with ASD. Second being organizing fun family events for people that have a family member of ASD. And third of all working within art venues for everyone to publicly use.