Pronghorns  live in small and large herds depending on the season. Pronghorns live in the semi-desert and grassland in Western North America.

These are some of the predeters of Pronghorns.

Fun fact: Pronghorns are the fastest mammal in the world.

This is a herd of pronghorns.

The picture above this one is a habitat of the pronghorns

Wiled fires would happen is grassland. In semi deserts there would be no water, starvation, and sand storms would happen to. These are the natral disasters.

Move:  snakes, wolves, pronghorns, bobcats.

Adapt: turtles, lizards, bugs, prairie dogs.

Die: snakes, pronghorns, bobcats, bugs, wolves.

There are mostly cactuses in the semi desserts also flowere that grow on the cactuses. There are very little trees.

The grasslands have lots of flowers and grass also mountains.

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