By: Lauren Vinson

Having trouble making friends? If so, this tackk is for YOU! The information in this tackk got its info from various places and it is ALL true! The information in this tackk might be GOLD to you! Read this tackk and it will help you become a GREAT friend!


Sometimes making friend can be hard. But you need friends! They help you through troubles, and you can share secrets, too. J The information you’ll find in this tackk will help you learn things from making friends all the way to fights and bullying!

Making Friends

When you’re trying to make friends, there is one key thing. Be YOURSELF! That is really how you get to know each other. The REAL each other. When first meeting, you need to introduce yourself. That way, you know who you are playing with, and they know who they’re playing with. That way you know each other and can get along better as you play. Also, it is smart to share what your interests are, and that ALSO helps you build stronger relationships, too.


When you are playing with someone, it is down-right obvious you need to share. But most people do not realize how important it really is to share.

You share in our daily life, even. Pencils, paper and toys. But one of the main things you get in fights about, talking about sharing is what you play in friendships. When you “share” what you play, you are showing consideration for each other. That will help you build stronger relationship


Be kind to your friends. It is obvious, but it is very important. This way you can stay together as strong, close friends. You also need to be sweet to them and ALWAYS be there for your friends through hard times and struggles. That will really help you build strong relationships.


When you are friends, you fight. It is just a natural thing you do. But as a result, your friendship starts to fall apart. That is VERY bad. When you fight, you then need to apologize, and then forgive each other. Lastly, when you fight you need to totally forget about it. Each fight is like a little stone, and when you don’t forget about them, those stones keep building up until it is a HUGE wall and you just can’t get over it and reach your friend, and so then, you’re basically not friends any more. That is why you need to forget those fights and troubles. Leave them behind!


There are a lot of bullies in the world, your school, your neighborhood, you name it. You need to learn how to out bullies so you can have fun and have a good time. When you have encountered a bully, do not fight with them. It will lead to further arguments and fights. When you are being bullied, an important thing to remember is…act like you don’t care. Being sad or crying makes the bully feel like it has more power and control and they will then continue to bully you. So please, DO NOT SHOW YOUR EMOTIONS!

When you are being picked on, you need ask the bully why they’re picking on you. Make sure it is a time that the bully isn’t bulling you, though. After that, and you have talked it out, and if the bully is STILL bulling you, talk to an adult. Now, you know how to cope with bullies!

Remember, DON’T fight with the bullies, DON’T show your emotion to the bully, ALWAYS be yourself and forget about fights that you have had with friends. Fights are like little stones, remember. J Share what you play and always be kind and they’ll be kind back! When you are trying to make friends, remember this tackk, and it will help!

Credit ALL goes to my counseler, SHARON RIDER!!!!!!!!!

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