Map of the Roman Empire


Ancient Roman Catacombs

By: Ethan Mackey

ANCIENT ROME, Roman Christians have built underground burial tombs to house their dead by digging a series of tunnels underneath the city.

Roman Christians did not have the right to own cemeteries, and had to bury their relatives on their own land. "I can't believe people didn't always bury their dead above ground" stated local shop worker. Many donations later, the Christians constructed the catacombs underneath the city. The catacombs were in full use until February of 313 when Christians were no longer persecuted in Rome. Following the end of christian persecution, the Christians could build churches and cemeteries of their own. A couple months ago, the Christians started burying their dead above ground again. After the Goths and Longobards invaded, many relics and monuments were destroyed including the catacombs. Now people do not use the catacombs, and the entrances are covered by rocks and trees. "I hope the catacombs aren't forgotten, that would be terrible!" stated local, talking about the recent avalanche blocking off the entrance to the main section of the catacombs. Go here for more info.

Romans inside of the catacombs.


Ancient Roman Food

Food is a very important part of ancient Roman culture, it provides diversity between it and other cities. The Romans eat food such as olives and dates. They also eat mandarin oranges, figs, persimmon, and nuts. For main courses, they eat meats like beef, lamb, and pork. The Romans also eat game, and many types of fish and shellfish. The Romans do not drink beer, but they do drink wine. Around the city, you can find many restaurants and snack bars.

Food that the Romans eat

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