How Did The Minoan People Lived Their Life Before They Disappear?

By: Louie Saya

The Minoan Civilization was in the bronze age that had arose in the almost about 5,000 years ago before it was destroyed in 1450 B.C. The people who had lived there had many jobs. Many Minoan people were Warriors, Merchants, Artists, and experienced sailors. The Minoan Language was first written in Europe. They were different from the Greeks and was dominated from the Mediterranean sea. But they had external forces from the Greek Mainland and other places. But all of a sudden, they had the height of its power, and was destroyed and also was perished forever. Leaving the important samples and tokens that they have made for years.

The island of Crete was originally in the center of the eastern Mediterranean at the Crossroads of Africa, Asia, and Europe.

The Minoan islands were emerged around 2000 B.C. until it lasted to 1400 B.C. And was located on the island of the Crete, who is now a part of Greece. But the Minoan people were famous for their magnificent palaces that have been built for thousands of years ago.

Here are the evidence that had been suggest on how did the Minoan people had disappear for thousands of years ago. The Minoan people disappeared because of the massive volcanic eruption in the Santorini Islands. As the eruption began, it was only 70 miles from the Crete before it hits the town. As the town was buried in eruption. It was one of the largest record on history for the biggest eruption. All of the houses were all buried by the heat of the hot lava. And many giant palaces have been destroyed by was melted slowly. No one had survived the eruption. But there was only one person who did survived the eruption. His name was Krossos. After the eruption was over. The palace has been rebuilt and was continued to be function. Some have did speculated that the Minoan people had no longer had faith in their religious leaders.

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