Mr. Stoheim,

I know I have done you wrong and I'm truly sorry that and I promise that i will always do my best from now on. I'll even buy you a new pair of shoes or you can take my paycheck to buy yourself new shoes. Things haven't been so easy at home that's why i am asking for my job back i don't want your pitty i just want your permission to work again.

The reason why I'm begging you is cause I need money to get my family have food on the kitchen table or even paying for the house we live in but i am just asking for this last chance i will make it worth it. From now on Mr. Stoheim I will do it is to please you in order for me to get my life on track again.

If you dont want to give me a chance again its okay i wouldn't either, I may not have the money the manners sometimes to control what i go through but i do have commitment to get this job back and have a better life. Thank you if you ever get this letter and actaully read it and maybe even write back.

                                                 Sincerely Mr. Stoheim,

                                                     -Stan Gerome

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