Tips for Visiting the Arabian Peninsula

Ten tips for visiting the Arabian Peninsula:

Tip #1 - Travel with a camel when in the desert. They can travel carrying heavy loads and don't need water as often as other animals

Tip #2 - When traveling through the desert wear loose clothing to help you stay cool

Tip #3 - If you are in an oases and need water dig a well, in oases the water is trapped underground

Tip #4 - There are many settlers in oases, if you need supplies see if you can trade with merchants

Tip #5 - Coastal plains can be 5 to 40 miles inland

Tip #6 - Coastal plains have dry river beds that periodically fill with water

Tip #7 - Mountains can be 1,000 - 12,000 feet high

Tips #8 - Mountains have cool temperatures and may have a layer of frost

Tip #9 - Many settlements on the Arabian Peninsula have reservoirs filled with water

Tip #10 - You can trade animal skins with people in different towns